Meaning What?



Destiny, now here’s a word that can be either used against someone for put to use in their favor. The formal definition of destiny is; the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future, the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.

Should people believe in destiny or fate? Is there some sort of already written out plan that we all are to follow, and is this why we have deja vu? I used to believe in these terms and now I contemplating if it ever existed or if it was just a way for me to accept the mistakes in my life. Telling myself everything I have went through or am going through has some sort of meaning behind it. That I have been down specific paths already and chosen differently to have a better outcome. I have not had deja vu for many years up until recently. It was a conversation I was having and it put me in a place I had been before. The outcome of the conversation was different in my “vision”. The end of it was an argument that left both parties angry and yelling at one another. So I changed it. I did not say what I did in my vision, instead I turned the conversation in another direction and it did not end poorly as it had before.

Is this apart of destiny or fate? Had I truly been in the same situation in the past to give me a glimpse of the present?  I will never know the true meaning behind why I have these “visions” all I know is that if I do not do or say something different, it will end up as it did. Then another question builds in my head. Who am I to change the course of my life or anyone else? That takes a large amount of faith and understanding within ones self to do, yet why did I do it? Perhaps if I had done it exactly as I did before, it would have brought me to my true path in life, I guess now I will never know!

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