Wasted time


There comes a point in most peoples’ lives when they wake up and realize time has been wasted. There is no way to recover this time to which was not used appropriately, there is only a space or void left. A wanting of everything that was done during this time to be recalled and put to better use, perhaps even given to someone else, someone more deserving. Changes start to be made to correct the situation, leaving behind ones whom choose not to grow and taking ones that will show consistency in not wasting the time given to them. I have had my time wasted as well as many others in their lives have. What is to be done? It cannot be gained back, so where does one go from there?


I am grateful I have the ability to move forward and not look back. Even though my time is all I can give to others mostly, and they misuse it, I find it rather easy to keep myself looking forward to find another that can spend said time with pleasure. I do not look back any longer as that would keep the past haunting me with each step I take ahead. I try hard not to dwell on what may happen in the future, as that would ruin what may be happening right in front of me. What should be received and looked at is what is happening the day one is in. Who is around when you need them? Why are they there? Is it simply because they are a destroyer, or do they have a divine purpose? Why give ones time to others that abuse it? Today in the here and now, one should cherish those that stay with you in your growth and through all your challenges. Cherish the ones that receive your time as precious, and never settle for anything less!

A wise man once said;

“With one foot on yesterday, and the other foot on tomorrow, all you are doing is pissing all over today!” –

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