Right in front

Deception is defined as the act or statement intended to make someone believe something that is not true. It is a trick or scheme used to get what you want, a word that comes from the Latin de-meaning “from” and capere, meaning “to take”.  Hiding the truth to get an advantage above others.

Terrible, not how I would ever live my life. Even when I was at my most vain during my early-mid twenties, I did not believe in deceiving others. People around me on a daily basis have often came to me and said they liked being close to me because I am “real”. I am asked questions and I give the best answer I can and if I am not familiar with the topic I seek advice from those that are. I simply do not see the benefit from wearing these so called masks of deception and trying to gain what one wants in life. If one cannot handle the harsh truths of the world nor have enough self confidence in themselves to be who they are, then what type of person are they really?

People who hide behind lies and mask themselves from fear of rejection are the masters of this one simple word, deception. However, in my journey and through my life experiences, I have come across several of these masked individuals. They bend truths, come up with unimaginable schemes, and try not to show any emotion when dealing with others. It is only low self worth and low self esteem that drive these people to keep telling their lies and soon it destroys them. They can no longer tell the difference from the truth or the lie they have created for themselves. They cannot mingle in society due to closing off the very thing that makes us human, feelings. The lies take over and new ones form, causing the old ones to become bigger, it is a never ending battle to keep up with. Deception is fake, people use it to gain power and in the end all it does is push everyone away and then it leaves the liar broken, empty, and full of hate and anger.

Reasons why I do not use deception to gain what I need and want in my life, I am who I am. There is no hidden agenda, no reading between the lines when someone talks to me. I say exactly what I feel and think when asked and this is the only way I know how to be.

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