Heart and Soul

Security! This one word can either make a person melt with warmth or shatter with dread. What makes one feel secure? There are many different opinions on what actually makes a person feel safety in their life.

Money! For quite a large amount of individuals out there, money is a what keeps them warm and surrounds them with a blanket of security. A nest egg to fall back on when things go financially wrong, or just in case they would like to buy material items at a whim. Some find it comforting to have a large figure staring back at them when they open their account book. Just the thought of having any less then 100,000 to some is simply unheard of. Without their money they lose what kept them safe, exposing them, making them vulnerable and weak, or at least to them.

Items! Many people feel comforted by having as many material items they can purchase. From ATV’s and the 2nd house in the Hampton’s’, to collecting dolls or cars or anything in-general. People buy or find some of the most amazing items to fill their lives with so they can have some sort of trace of being safe. In their environment these individuals do not feel well if they cannot have many, it is many or bust to them.

My security you ask…

Sir! Where do I start because for me security is more than just money and items. I can tell you when I feel the most safe, and it is in his arms. Actually it is just being around him, in his presence that makes me feel warm. Sir has this most amazing aura about him, as soon as he walks into a room he makes all the shadows and negativity go away. He has the most wonderful resonating light around him it catches me off guard sometimes and makes me melt away into an almost fantasy world. Fills every part of my soul which makes it hard to let him leave when he must go back home again. When Sir comes up behind me while I am doing some sort of domestic duty and puts his arms around me, kisses me on my neck, I disappear for a moment. I am no longer in reality as I drift off into a place where no one can ever hurt me again. A place where he stands alone in keeping me safe and just that simple embrace tells me I have nothing to fear. It is a promise to try his best to never make me cry, to never want for anything, and to defend me with his very life. Yes, I feel all that in his arms.

When Sir and I lay to rest the way he engulfs me in himself further supports those feelings. On our sides he places his arm under my head, the other over my chest. He then grasps my fingers in his, both hands, and pulls as close as humanly possible. A tear falls every time, as I lay there exposed and vulnerable to anything. Yet he keeps me safe. Sir will not allow any harm to come to me, it is in his words and even more so in his actions. Actions are most important as they are the truth behind the words spoken, they are the symbolism that ties it all together. Sir is my security, he is my heart and soul.


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