Don’t bother calling, no need for knocking, just come on home

Come on home, my love is

Never gonna run dry, never gonna come up empty

Now until the day I die, unconditionally

You know I’m always gonna be here for ya

No one’s ever gonna love you more than

God, your mama, and me

God, your mama, and me


God, your mama, and me -Florida Georgia Line

Unforeseen circumstances can happen at any given time. It is how one chooses to deal with them, that can turn the situation into something positive or negative. With the way the world is today and how children are brought up it’s a wonder to me how people like me can even stand to still walk this planet. I grew up with morals and values, and yes I pass them in to my children (or at least try). Respect, honor, courage, and a strong mind traits that were once profound are now merely over looked by “what are you doing for me”. That one statement, drives me to the brink of insanity. What and how did the people of this society gain such a crappy way of looking at things. “What are you doing for me” should not be a common thought yet it is. To me it seems not just the younger generation acts like this as the older people try to adopt this mentality to keep up with the young or possibly to understand them better. 

In all my years of I have ever done a good deed of some kind it was not under the pretense that I would gain anything from said deed. Well, perhaps maybe a deep friendship or a person in life I could count on as they could me. Yet another lesson learned the hard way, just because one does good for another does not mean good will be returned! That I found out in my early 30’s as I had allowed a few people come into my home with my children and live with us. I was extremely close with one of the people, Andrew, and I miss him to this day. He was younger than me, but we were inseparable, glued together and built a bond of trust and friendship. Well that blew apart after I choose to try to save an abusive relationship and he got tried of seeing me torn down. He did help out greatly around the house and gave money when he could and definitely when it was most needed. All I wanted in return was his company and his time. We were not an item or never dated, he is gay and I straight which is why we mixed beautifully at the time.

My life now, I find it hard to put my trust into others due to failed relationships and lost communication. I find myself doubting the words of many and saying to myself they can talk the talk but will they actually walk the walk? The answer to this question always comes out the same, with a simple NO! Words are used to flatter and even manipulate others to gain control over lives and actions within those lives. I do not wish to hear all the flowery words of commitment yet I would love to see these words backed by solid hard actions. If one says they speak the truth then there will always be their actions and events that do or do not back up the stories. This is what I am looking for promises kept and a future that is mine to share and have witnessed by another. 

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