One of the great reasons why I love being with my Sir is because he allows me to expand my mind and talk to other people in the lifestyle.  I can chat, ask questions, and even flirt a bit with others, to be honest, I have had no need to flirt with anyone, he is more than I could ever dream of. However, in talking with another male, whom happened to be a Dominate, I found some information I’d like to share. Sir had always told me there are so many levels of subs out there and yet my  mind could not fully grasp this concept. Here is what I learned from someone l will call Mr. Duckie;



LEVELS OF submissive

Level 1:

A sensation sub: usually hating pain of any kind. The occasional sting, like a slap or from a paddle is permitted. Only enjoying touching, passion, sex and feathers, sensations that send goose bumps, shivers or fear. Some pet play are in this category.

Level 2:

A light bottom: They like a little pain mostly only a thud, the occasional sting, like a slap or paddle. They tend not to like bruising or anything that breaks the skin.

Level 3:

A medium bottom: They like about equal parts pain and pleasure. A lot of thuds, more stinging, and tend to be far more exploratory than the previous 2. Level 3’s can take some skin breaking, artistic cuttings (occasionally), and sensation sluts usually fit in here. They will try almost anything once.

Level 4:

A heavy bottom: They want and enjoy a lot more pain, and harder sensations with more force. Floggers are basically just a warm up for the fun stuff. Bruises are marks of pride and things to poke later for a smiling remembrance. They also tend to have the desire to push themselves for more.

Level 5:

A pain slut: True masochists. They live for the hardest sensations and pain they can find because it’s like foreplay for their minds.


I used to be envious of the pain sluts, wanting to be as they are. Taking as much pain and humiliation I have ever seen one submissive take. Also when I first met Sir that is what he was used to. So of course I wanted nothing more than to be what he wanted and needed. I have come to realize I do not have to be a pain slut to still be wanted and desired by him or anyone for that matter. I can leave the extreme pain to those that know how to handle it, and they do such a good job at it too. Now I am happy with being a level 3 or on the very rare occasions, level 4. It is just who I am and I am happy that what I can provide is enough for him to still love, cherish, and care for me as his sub.

Perhaps one day there will be a time when he wants more again and that’s okay too. He will hopefully find someone that can take what he’d like to give out. I say this because as in previous blogs Sir has always been interested in a polygamous relationship and I fully agree. I would love to share with others our beliefs and the strong bond that we share. As for me as far as being a pain slut, no thank you.That can be done by the professionals. I’ll stick with stuff I know I can handle. And if he “pushes” the line a little that is okay too. He does not ever go too far or push out of what he knows I can handle.

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