Collared No More!!!

In late September 2016 I met a man on Facebook. He was charming, intelligent, witty and made me feel comfortable. During our online chats, he made me feel like I was the gravity holding him to earth. Nothing could split us apart. We were strong and untouchable for the first few months. Every time he [...]

I Am Not a Priority

“Ok never mind all that.” These words will forever be embedded in my mind and heart now. Once again we are not touching, speaking, nor even looking at one another. It is because I opened my mouth in group kik and said something about the constant chatting which blows my phone up. I was blunt [...]

Now it’s here

So you want me to use my blog as an outlet for the internal rough feelings I have. Fine no problem. I have no one in the lifestyle that I can talk to anymore. They have all went away due to me being stalked by your crazy ex wife loser bitch. Then I turn to [...]

Not Again

So it’s dead huh? In my mind you were the world, a god send, a reason to live and keep going. Now because actions and reactions took place it’s dead? The only thing I can live with is if you didn’t want it to die why did you behave the way you did? It is [...]

The Red Room

I usually never share the most intimate details of my life. I feel that they are mine and special to me so sharing them will be almost like giving them away to someone else. I don’t knock others for doing this, it’s just not for me. However, this needs to get out. I have to [...]


One of the great reasons why I love being with my Sir is because he allows me to expand my mind and talk to other people in the lifestyle.  I can chat, ask questions, and even flirt a bit with others, to be honest, I have had no need to flirt with anyone, he is [...]

No More Separation

We did it. Sir and I have closed to distance gap and moved in together. It was a long time coming, and it feels amazing. Knowing I am going to sleep with him every night, come home to him, and not have to Skype any longer sure is a welcomed comfort. It's sad to see [...]