Today I awoke and felt lost, lonely, confused by my placement in this life. Being in an LDR does this to a submissive at times. It is an actual physical pain that grows and spreads throughout your body. My remedy for this; I asked Sir if I could talk with him. A second passes and [...]

A Few words

As I still read about submission through various sources, I come across many different perspectives. Recently I have come to notice there are many out there that just throw kink into their lives and call it BDSM. Well to me, kink and rough sex is just one aspect of a dying lifestyle. All of these [...]

More than a Year

Life has a funny way of working out. It all falls together like puzzle pieces. We are all meant to walk a certain path in life and in doing so we accomplish what we perceive as happiness. I have found my happiness, in life and with a partner. I consider myself to be one of [...]

it began

My first punishment! It has been a year since I was added to a triad, polygamous dynamic. Well at least that's how it started, until she left him wanting a divorce. Speaking about her is a whole other blog to enter so moving on...they divorced and from December 2016 until present it has been he [...]

you destroyed US

  There used to be a time I could tell him anything, a thought, an emotion, or even give my opinion on a subject. My Dom was the ultimate man, to me he was my saving grace. Now there is only silence. I am quieted by his words and actions and it has left me [...]